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In this article, we will discuss home remedies for permanent skin whitening, and it will be a general study on this topic.

Bright, scarless, and glamorous skin has been a heartfelt desire since the ancient ages, especially for women. In our present day when most people are into corporate life, self-representation has become one of the most important factors.

The more clean, clear, and glamorous we look, the more confident and composed we are assumed to be in the minds of others. Thus, having bright white skin is now not only the desire of women solely but men too.

The present-day youth is too fascinated with Korean pop culture. They have idolized the lifestyle of Korean pop artists so much that they are not only happy enjoying their lifestyle but also want to have a similar appearance to them; that is having white glassy skin. This has raised the bar of demand for white skin over the past few years.

Melanin, the reason behind skin tone

Melanin is a pigment that is produced as a biological process inside the skin cells of our body. There are dedicated skin cells in our body called melanocytes that are responsible for melanin production in our body.

This melanin is the main pigment that is responsible for our skin tone. The more the amount of melanin in the body, the darker the skin tone will be. Melanin protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The Reason for Variation of Skin Tone Around the Globe

As we move from place to place, we can see that there is a change in the skin tone of the people. From slight to drastic, the change will be observed more the more we travel. Everyone is human, belonging to the same species, but this drastic change is due to the power of adaptability of Humans and links back to our year’s old Evolutionary process.

The population of early ancestors of humans was mainly concentrated in the African continent. The African continent has the Equatorial and the lines of tropics passing through it. These are the man-made imaginary lines on our globe whose one of the main function is to divide the earth into segments based on temperature zones to study the flora and fauna of the region.

What is Skin Whitening

So, the light of the sun is more or less direct, or we can say directly overhead in these regions. So, as a result, human ancestors residing here have a darker tone due to more production of melanin as the exposure to UV rays in these areas was maximum. Even to this day, the natives of the African region have a darker tone as compared to others.

Eventually when our ancestors traveled to the upper parts of the globe or towards the poles. They moved away from the direct rays of the sun. We know that UV rays are harmful to us but too much exposure to them is harmful. The UV rays from the sun have a beneficial role in our human body.

UV rays are needed in the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body, which is essential for calcium intake by bones. So, the ancestral population of humans that traveled towards Europe to meet their metabolic needs adapted to low Exposure to UV rays by reducing the amount of melanin in their body and thus getting a lighter or white tone.

Thus, we can conclude that geographical location is the prime factor for skin tone variation.

What is Skin Whitening practically?

Skin Whitening practically refers to the overall lightening of the skin tone. It does not mean changing someone’s congenital (by birth) complexion to a snow-white tone. It simply means to remove blemishes, dark spots below the eyes, dark patches on elbows or knees or at the chin area, the dark tone in under arms and thigh areas, and along with this providing an overall lighter tone removing hyperpigmentation throughout the body.

Skin Whitening By Chemical or Laser Treatment

It must be noted that the desires of human beings are pretty high. People can go to any extent to meet their Euphorian desires of changing their birth skin tone to absolute white. In present-day medical science, there are definitely many ways that one can readily access with a huge amount of money.

  1. Laser lightening,
  2. Melanin-reducing tablets or injections,
  3. Chemical peeling etc.

are such methods which one can opt for just by visiting any cosmetic surgeon. These methods are generally termed aesthetic metamorphosis.

Side effects of Chemical or Laser treatment on skin

It must be noted that this prosthetic not only comes at a cost heavy on your pocket but also on your health. It would be very little if we call cosmetic skin whitening dangerous, it is hazardous for skin.

It has the following drawbacks:

  1. It is not permanent-No cosmetic aided skin whitening techniques are permanent, with time and again going through the same environment and lifestyle, our skin tone will slowly but surely change back to its original state. Moreover, all medicines are chemical compounds and have a rate of decay. Thus, if one prefers melanin reduction medication then surely after the completion of the dosage of the medicine, after certain years it will decay and its effect will be over.
  2. Uneven pigmentation – Chemical or Laser Treatment may not suit everyone. Some people might develop Hyperpigmentation over some areas and can acquire vitiligo; a disease in which uneven light and dark patches are spread all over the skin.
Skin Whitening Process
  1. Genetic mutation of melanocytes/melanoma – Due to exposure to laser people undergoing laser treatment for skin whitening may suffer from melanoma, a specific type of cancer that occurs in the melanin-producing cells called melanocytes due to mutation in the DNA of the cell by laser or heat.
  2. Allergy – In the process of Chemical peeling it is quite common that the superficial layers of the skin would be removed. Thus, the layers below it and the capillaries in it would be easily exposed to sunlight or pollution. Thus, becoming a cause of dust or sun allergy in many.

Home Remedies for permanent skin whitening

Anything done at home is always healthy and more or less free, be it home-cooked restaurant-style yummy dishes or skin whitening. There are a lot of Home Remedies that can easily bring us white skin at practically no or little cost and that too with the least or no side effects and most importantly it will be permanent. Such remedies are as follows:

  1. Change in Lifestyle – Our lifestyle has a direct impact on our skin tone. The way we eat, sleep, and manage our daily life can have a lot of impact on our skin. In our day-to-day lifestyle, we must keep in mind these few simple tricks to gradually get a white skin tone.
    1. We must stop taking stress. We should manage our daily schedule properly and must give ourselves some personal time to reduce stress. Stress will make us dull as it enhances the amount of stress hormone, Cortisol in our body, leading to blemishes in the cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, dark lips, etc. Practicing yoga and pranayam in the early morning significantly helps to reduce stress. Daily exercise can help a lot in whitening skin tone. Exercise helps reduce cholesterol and also leads to sweating which unclogs the closed skin pores and also increases blood supply to skin cells. Maintaining an oil- and junk food-free diet will also reduce skin pigmentation. In place of oil-rich foods, we can take fresh veggies and seasonal fruits as these will keep us healthy.
  2. Drinking adequate water to keep skin hydrated.
  • Consumption of citrus food – Citrus food helps a lot in skin whitening. It has vitamin C and antioxidants in it which help to repair damaged skin cells and significantly reduce pigmentation.
  • Practicing oil pulling-Oil pulling is a technique that is mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. It is an easy process in which one has to rinse and gargle for 10 minutes with virgin coconut oil or cold pressed sesame seed oil early in the morning on an empty stomach just sometimes after waking up. After rinsing for 10 minutes, the oil must be spat out. This works by removing excess oil, fat, and toxins from our whole body, especially the skin. Thus, providing a white skin tone and pink lips.
Home Remedies for permanent skin whitening
  • Using Homemade-De-tan and dust removal face mask-Mostly we have heard from our parents or grandparents that we used to have a fair complexion in our childhood but today when we look at ourselves in the mirror we can see that it is the opposite. This is because due to our daily life at school, college or office, we have to go out in the sun that tans our skin and the pollutants of the air get stuck to our skin. So, to get rid of this we can make an easy face mask with just three ingredients: Chana Besan (Chickpea powder), honey, and lemon juice.

We just need to rinse our face with normal water and mix all three ingredients and form a paste. Then evenly apply the paste like a mask on the face or any part of the body desired. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes to dry. Then wash with normal water. The result will be visible instantly.

  • Cleaning the skin daily and keeping it moisturized – The skin must be kept clean and moisturized every day. We can find many cosmetic products to accomplish this task in the market, but they all contain paraben, a chemical product harmful to the skin.

So, we can use rose water to cleanse the skin and also use aloe vera gel to keep it moisturized. They do not have any side effects.

  • Facial Sauna (Using steam at minimal temperature)– Having a sauna daily for 5 minutes with our eyes closed or covered with a piece of cloth to protect it from steam is outstanding for skin whitening because it reduces pigmentation instantly.
  • Applying rice water-Applying rice water is a practice prevalent in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture to get fair skin. For this, we need to soak rice in a bowl of water overnight, and then we need to strain the water in the morning and store it in a glass container. We need to apply this water thrice daily at intervals after spotless our skin.
  • Using Ayurvedic concoctions – Ayurvedic concoctions named, Khadirarishta and Mahamanjisthadi Kadha can be consumed twice daily after a meal. These concoctions are known to help in whitening skin tone. We need to mix 3 tablespoons of Khadirarishta, and 3 spoons of Mahamanjisthadi Kadha with 6 teaspoons of water in a glass, and then drink it. These concoctions can be easily bought from a trusted Ayurvedic store or a trusted Ayurvedic brand online.

Caution: The mentioned Ayurvedic concoctions are side effects free, yet it should be only consumed after consulting a registered Ayurvedic medicine practitioner as someone may develop allergy or other complications from it depending on their internal physiology.


The end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and for showing interest in primitive home remedies for permanent skin whitening. But I will urge the readers to understand that from my perspective white and bright skin is not the key to a bright future. It is our good and kind heart and our knowledge and skill set that accompanies us all together to make us great and differentiate us from others.

Q1. How long will it take for skin whitening if we follow the home remedies?

It depends on how strictly we are controlling our lifestyle and how consistently we are performing the remedies. Generally, the results are visible within 1 month.

Q2. Is Skin Whitening by following the Home remedies permanent?

Yes, if the daily proper lifestyle is continued.

Q3. Do we need to follow all the home remedies?

No, you just need to follow the mentioned lifestyle and can stick to any of the home remedies convenient to you. For better results, you can practice any two.

Q4. Are there any side effects of these home remedies?

No or very less. Most of the remedies do not have any side effects. Just the mentioned procedures should be executed properly. The ones having side effects have been mentioned in the above points.

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