Best jobs after MBA in India: 7 Best MBA Jobs

After completing MBA there are many scopes. We will find out the top 7 best jobs after MBA in India

Management degrees in any discipline have opportunities. By doing MBA only you can’t say that job is a must. It needs a lot of things after. Today we will discuss the 10 most important career options after MBA in India.

Business Development Manager

Business development is one of the key facts for a company’s growth. A person with high skills in understanding situations practically and planning, analyzing, and executing those situations for fruitful outcomes needs a Business Developments Manager. In India, big corporates need these positions along with small start-ups. So it’s in the category of Best jobs after MBA in India.

Various Jobs After Mba

Marketing Manager

Marketing is one of the core parts of any business growth. If you are launching 1000s of new products, but not promoting or marketing these, then it’s unknown to anyone. So the marketing department plays a very vital role in a business. There are several kinds of positions available in marketing, like Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Marketing Head, and Marketing Vice President. According to knowledge and experience, one can achieve these positions in a company. It’s another in the category of Best jobs after an MBA in India.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for handling the project of a company along with looking after manpower deployed to complete the project. Works include regular updates about the project to the company, timely visits to project sites, and a lot more. It can be one of the perfect jobs after an MBA with experience.

Banking & Finance Sector Jobs

Banking and Finance is a vast field. There are several kinds of jobs available both in government and private. In India, a student after completing an MBA can be prepared for IBPS and various kinds of state and central government jobs in banks. In the private sector, there is also vast scope like working for financial firms, brokerage firms, company financials, private banks, financial analysts, data analysts, etc. It’s another sector to do the best jobs after MBA in India.

HR Manager

Human Resources is a must-have profile for a corporate. MBA with HR aspirants can join firms and companies as human resource executives Mostly HR includes recruitment, hiring, and finding suitable positions for a company. The HR Department of a company ensures that they select the correct person for the job. There are various HR positions in a company’s HR department from bottom to top: HR Executive, HR Manager, Senior HR Manager, HR Head, HR Country Head, etc. It’s another Best Jobs after MBA in India

Sales Manager

Sales is another important aspect of a product-based firm or company. Sales managers ensure a lot of things about product sales in the market. A sales manager is responsible for accomplishing the sales targets of the organization. Again it can be the best job after MBA in India.

Jobs for MBA

Financial Advisor

To become a Financial Advisor, you must complete an MBA in Finance along with SEBI Registrations. It’s a profile that deals with the stock market. One can also work with various registered firms as Financial Advisor, Financial Consultant, etc. The main work of a Financial Advisor is to provide advice and knowledge about financial products to clients. In today’s India, lots of companies are joining advisory firms, and its more into financial planning, analysis, etc.

These are some of the best job categories which we shared above.

Top cities of India offer a good amount of jobs for MBA graduates

Those who are now studying Master’s of Business Administration must check these priority city lists for knowledge.

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Gurugram
  • Bangalore

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Q1. How good is career growth for a person with MBA in marketing/finance in the Indian pharmaceutical sector?

There is a vast opportunity in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. as an MBA marketing/finance like Sales Manager, Handling the finances of firms, In pharma companies product management, etc.

Q2. Which are the best MBA schools in Asia for students looking for jobs in India?

IIM Ahmedabad
INSEAD, Singapore
IIM Bangalore

Q3. There is an MBA post in Life Corporation of India. What is their work and salary 

In LIC of India, there are several job opportunities for MBA holders like Unit Manager, Agency Manager, Sales Executive, Relationship Manager, Senior Relationship Manager, etc.
Salary ranging from 120000 to 700000 Per Annum.

Q4. Which job is best for an MBA marketing graduate is it a production plant marketing member or an MNC software employee?

There are various jobs available for MBA Marketing graduates like
Sales Manager
Brand Manager
Business Development Manager
Public Relations Manager
Production Manager

Q5. Best colleges in India for MBA in

IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Bengaluru
IIM Lucknow
IIM Indore
IIM Kozhikode
XLRI Jamshedpur
Faculty of Management, New Delhi
NMIMS, Mumbai

Q6. What is the average salary of an Indian MBA graduates in Dubai? 

Salary around AED 3000 TO AED 7000

Q7. Should I do my BBA course in a private college or public college if my aim is to do MBA abroad in India?

Firstly, private or public does not matter much, the main thing reputation of the college and the quality of education provided. There are a lot of private and public institutions available to do a BBA and then apply abroad, fulfill the required criteria, and study.

Q8. What are entry-level jobs for MBA graduates?

Sales Executive
HR Executive
HR Consultant
Financial Analyst
Public Relations Manager
Business Development Manager

Q9. Can an MBA graduate get job in IT company?

Yes, candidates with IT specialization in MBA have the best opportunities in IT companies. Also, IT companies hire HR positions, Sales Positions, Business Development Positions, etc.

Q10. What kind of jobs do MBA graduates get?

We have shared lot of job opportunities ideas for MBA graduates above, one can check.

Q11. What are the job opportunities for MBA students?

MBA students have a lot of opportunities to become HR, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Business Growth Managers, and Career Counselors, and also we have shared some detailed studies above.

Q12. Where do most MBA graduates work?

Human resources manager
Management consultant
Financial manager
Health services manager
Business operations manager ETC.

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