Best 10 career options after MBA in Marketing

An MBA in Marketing is one of the most popular post-graduate degrees across the globe. Sharing 10 most important career options after MBA in marketing.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Logistic Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Head

Now let’s understand each career option in detail:-

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers play a vital role in marketing the product of a company. If you have completed MBA in marketing, then Marketing manager is one of the most desirable job positions for you. Mostly in starting you can start your career as a marketing executive, then with experience, you can become a manager. Manager refers to who manages a team. Taking decisions about new product launches, marketing in the market, planning, strategy making, and organizing are some tasks of a marketing manager. So it is one of the most desirable career options after an MBA in marketing.

2. Sales Manager

For a company, the sales team is extremely important. As a sales manager, it’s your key responsibility to ensure that the sales team reaches its target.

Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Key Responsibility of a Sales Manager:-

  • Looking after overall sales management strategies
  • Meeting the sales target
  • Generate potential customers and leads for the organization
  • Motivating team members
  • Maintaining necessary data and records for future reference.

3. Business Development Manager

BDM or Business Development Manager position is one of the heavy positions in a corporate. BDM looks after strategic developments of sales, marketing, and overall development of a company. BDM is one of the top career options after an MBA in marketing.

Key Responsibility of BDM:-

  • Collecting Data for Business Development
  • Analyzing sales and marketing situations of corporate
  • Clients need to be compelled to meet those needs.
  • Creating goals and preparing status reports for that goals.

4. Digital Marketing Manager

In this digital era, digitization of any product is the most important task for making a step ahead of your competitors. A digital marketing manager is solely responsible for the growth and increasing engagement of a product digitally, making and managing advertisements, and making creative strategies for digital promotions. It’s one of the interesting career options after an MBA in marketing. Digital Marketing Managers use various setups to reach out to the customer and share knowledge about their brand and its work.

Marketing Jobs

Key Responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager:-

  • Managing and planning digital media campaigns like email and SEO
  • Design and maintain the social media presence of a particular product
  • Collaborate with various agencies

5. Relationship Manager

Relationship managers create strong relationships with their clients. Relationship managers also share valuable advice with clients, looking after the growth of clients by understanding their requirements. Talking fluently and smartly is one of the arts of a relationship manager. After MBA, it can be a perfect job for someone who is more into leadership.

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6. Marketing Executive

A marketing Executive is a starting-level job position in the field of sales and marketing. Working on marketing strategies, making plans with the team for growth, and looking after new markets and opportunities are some of the tasks of a marketing executive. One can learn and experience more practically about marketing management of a firm by doing this job, also it’s an opportunity to get promoted as a Marketing Manager in an organization.

It’s one of the best career options after MBA in marketing.

7. Brand Manager

Maybe your product is successful, but looking at your competitors, the product needs brand value. It’s impossible to stand out from your competitors in the same field if you haven’t a brand image. So the Brand Manager’s role is to create a universal brand formula for a company. So it’s another perfect career option after MBA in marketing.

Key Responsibility of Brand Manager:-

  • Brand Manager works for product development, market research, branding
  • Design a research-based brand setups
  • Leading team members from the front for marketing and branding
  • Creating strategies for a brand to reach millions
  • Motivating team members

8. Logistic Manager

The logistics manager is responsible for organizing the storage and distribution of goods and for their supervision and monitoring. The logistics manager should have strong mathematical skills also. Logistics managers generally supervise a team of Logistics Coordinators. Logistic managers are more involved in storage, supplies of a company, and timely updates about storage. It’s one of the valuable career options after MBA in marketing.

Key Responsibility of Logistic Manager:-

  • Maintain accurate information about quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs
  • Solving the issues arising
  • Maintaining data about products
  • Managing strategic customer products
  • Following rules and regulations

9. Product Manager

Product managers focus on customer needs and accomplishing bigger business objectives. The product manager is responsible for the company’s overall product development. The product manager looks after product specifications and the development of products.

Marketing Jobs in India

Product management is interlinked with the marketing of a company. The responsibility of a product manager includes analyzing market competition and making strategies according to that. Conducting market research according to customer needs. Working with various agencies for new product development opportunities. It’s one of the vital career options after MBA in marketing.

10. Marketing and Sales Head

You have all read about the marketing and sales manager job profile and key responsibilities above. Now marketing and sales head are one of the top key positions in a company. Heads are responsible for the overall marketing and sales unit of a company. Overseeing sales and marketing members and monitoring customer needs are also responsibilities of heads.

With dedication towards work and experience, one can become the sales and marketing head of a company.

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